Local Wildlife

Cragg House Farm lies between the lakes of Buttermere and Crummock Water. Since we took over the farm in March 2007, we have seen 77 species of bird of which 65 are known to have bred within a mile or two of the farmhouse.

Within a short driving distance is the west Cumbrian coast with the cliffs of St. Bees. Here you can see another 10 species of birds including England's only colony of breeding Black Guillemots.

Terns and Eider Ducks breed in South Cumbria and the Ospreys have been seen on Bassenthwaite Lake (20 minute drive) every year since 2001. A slightly longer drive can take you to Haweswater where the rare and impressive Golden Eagles can be seen.

In the years 1997-2001 over 150 different species have nested in Cumbria, not to mention the many birds which come here to winter.

As well as the diverse bird life we have Roe Deer, Red Squirrels, Hares, Foxes, Badgers, Stoats and Weasels on the farmland. Otters are making a comeback in to the area and have been sighted just 10 minutes walk from the farmhouse. The Borrowdale Fells have a breeding population of wild Red Deer.

Seals, dolphins and porpoises are often seen off the west coast and marine wildlife tours can be taken from the nearby town of Whitehaven.

As we both have a keen interest in nature we are working to encourage more species on to the farm by providing suitable habitat. We would be happy to give advice on the best places to see wildlife during your stay.